Online Psychometric Testing

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Research has shed new light on how the HR sector perceives psychmetrics as a recruitment tool. Recent surveys have shown that more and more HR managers agree it is a powerful tool and that qualification on paper is now not the only facet to take into consideration. It is crucial to find the best match for each role and behavioural science has become a vital aid in this search. An analytically driven platform that uses behavioural science techniques to measure traits, skills and a culture fit to assess the suitability of a candidate for the role. They help to make the recruitment process more efficient and represent substantial HR time and costs.

Growth in psychometric testing is also a reflection of the trend that companies are making hiring decisions based more on potential and attitude, rather than academic qualifications. After all, when hiring decisions are based only on competency tests, they don’t consider how candidates will fit in and develop on the job. There has been a legacy of “old-school” thinking toward candidate assessment within the recruitment industry. Psychometrics is moving into talent management fast to help identify skill gaps and training needs and is emerging as a key part of the Learning & Development professional’s toolkit in all levels of recruitment.

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Hallmark Recruitment and Talent Search Africa are the certified partners with IBM, which is empowering our clients to identify, onboard and retain top talent. Tests typically include verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning, motivation, situational judgment, cognitive ability and emotional intelligence.