With the largest database in East Africa across multiple sectors, we help our clients identify top talent quickly and effectively each and every time we recruit.

Search & Selection

When a database search isn’t powerful enough to identify that perfect candidate we proactively go out to the market to find them for you. That way our “database” is everyone!

Who We Are

Hallmark Recruitment relocated to Kenya in 2012 and quickly established themselves as one of the leading East African search firms conducting searches across the continent.

What we do is simple and has powerful results.

When we launched in East Africa, we found that companies across the region were frustrated and disillusioned with recruitment agencies that constantly promised to find quality hires and never delivered.
As recruiters ourselves, we were puzzled by this. There was evidently not a shortage of quality talent in East Africa – quite the reverse. We are usually pleasantly surprised when sourcing – finding better talent than we ourselves thought was possible.

Our Services


Our headhunters and consultants are trained to convert talent to hires. Often the best talent don’t want move and it’s good to have specialists available to convince them.

In-house Recruitment

We offer additional services to add to our Executive Search and Recruitment portal. More and more companies are reviewing their recruitment costs and the quality of their internal processes and are opting for Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions.

Salary Surveys

You don’t want to discover that you’ve paid above the market rate. Our salary market-intelligence is here to make sure that never happens.


Our headhunters and consultants assist business, corporate and private clients to close hiring negotiations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and emotional intelligence.

Research Briefs

Our researchers support our headhunters and consultants to ensure that the best talent on the market is identifiable, and therefore hireable.