Search and selection across Europe & Africa
We are headhunters, pure and simple. You'll never see an ad from us and we next to never put "shout-outs" out on social media. We research and target the top 5% of every market and, through the relationships we then build, help our clients find the best talent and the talent find the best move.

To this end, our dedicated research team, which uses a range of “push” and “pull” factors, stays on top of the movers and shakers in the market as well as tracking information such as salaries and competitive intelligence. Research specialise in identifying, with the greatest possible speed, the candidates that would add the most value to our clients.
Our second team are pure head-hunters. Trained with advanced sales and communication techniques, they deal with candidates after research has identified them. They make the initial outreach to prospective candidates and, once they are brought to interview stage with the client, often sit in on the interview as process – and are always there to help negotiate the salary and monitor on-boarding.  

We're measured by the success of our clients, who are most of the largest names in East Africa and the "most powerful companies you've never heard of" in the UK. 
Our East African specialties are Finance / IT / HR / Sales, with specialist researchers and head-hunters in all disciplines. We may take on roles outside of these, after a discussion on the position, if we believe we would add significant value to the search.
In Europe, we solely work on strategic communications, information operations and behavioural change positions. In that capacity, we handle permanent positions as well as contract positions globally (for example, in conflict zones), and work with both the private and public sectors. We are used to working with roles requiring security clearances although cannot, for obvious reasons, assist with the vetting processes, if clearances are not already held.

If you’re interested in talking further as a candidate please contact our research department on or call us on +44 203 617 0711 for the UK or +207 201 000 for Africa.
If you’re interested in talking about how we can best help you source, hire and retain the best talent in the market, give us a call on the numbers above or email us on